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I grew up in America where I studied English Writing & Culture, graduating with a Degree in Arts & Science. I worked in the creative industry for 14 years, mostly as a producer in documentary television. During that time I found myself having frequent conversations with colleagues about the health issues associated with long working hours, irregular eating patterns and excessive sugar intake. These patterns seemed to contribute to low energy, weight gain and dissatisfaction. In my spare time I obsessed over nutrition. I was constantly researching the connection between diet, lifestyle, health and wellbeing. That’s when I realized I needed a career change. I wanted to be part of the movement that was raising awareness towards healthy and preventative living, so I began studying Naturopathic Nutrition and learning about how food impacts physiology.

As a qualified practitioner, I support and advise my clients through a combination of science-based nutrition and naturopathic principles. I also educate my clients on how they can choose to live a practical, healthy lifestyle. When I became a mother in 2012, my interest evolved, naturally towards becoming an expert in infant, child and family nutrition. Age 0-2 is the most delicate age of our lives, when the immune system is developing, the brain expanding, the gastrointestinal tract maturing and the palate evolving. I’m here to help parents help their children thrive, while also helping parents navigate the complexities and confusion around the commercial food industry, while creating a good food culture in their home.

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