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Creamy Courgetti with Peas

Creamy Courgetti with Peas



6 Courgette / Zucchini (medium)

1 Cup of Frozen Peas

1/4 + 1 tbsp Creme Fraiche

3 Cloves of garlic

2 tbsp butter (grass fed)

Spices: 1/2 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp parsley flakes, 8-10 cracks of black pepper



Prep all ingredients before cooking because the cooking goes so quickly, if you’re not prepared, time will get away from you


– Spiralize courgette, squeeze water from courgette so they aren’t too wet, salt courgette, add boiling water to frozen peas to defrost, cut lemon in half, measure out creme fraiche 

  1. Melt 1.5 tbsp of butter, saving the remaining half tbsp for later, on med-low heat for 30 seconds, then add minced garlic. Cook for 30-40 seconds. You want the garlic to start to color a bit, but not to burn
  2. Take pan off the fire and add spiralized courgette and lemon juice. Mix really well then add back to the fire. Cook for 5 minutes on medium-low head, stirring occasionally
  3. Add remaining butter, creme fraiche, peas and spices
  4. Bring to a boil and cook for 2-3 minutes for crunchier Courgetti and 5-7 minutes for al dente ‘noodles’. I prefer a crunchier texture, but Dad prefers more al dente. It’s 100% preference.
  5. Voila!

Courgetti in Pan

I made this light, super easy dish to accompany the sea bass I was cooking. While the sea bass was baking in the oven, I made this courgetti. If you’re organized, it takes less than 30 minutes.

So much can be done with this simple dish! It can be eaten alone, as a lovely, creamy vegetarian dish; you can have it with a light, white fish or you can chuck in some bacon for a gluten-free, ‘pasta’ Carbonara. If you’re opting for the vegetarian version, the peas add a good source of protein, but also an easily digestible, gluten-free, slow releasing starchy carbohydrate, which is great for blood sugar balancing. The Courgetti ‘pasta’ is made using a fresh, green vegetable – this adds vitamins, antioxidants, natural fibre and an all-around healthy nutrient profile to what also feels like an indulgent dish. It’s great for kids, to boost their veggie intake; great for mums looking for a lighter meal to maybe shift the pregnancy weight, and great for dads who might get home late and want to avoid a heavy pasta dish. Winner!

The magic of this dish is the garlic, butter and lemon combination. The lemon lightens up the richness of the butter and cream, adding a kiss of citrusy tang. And no good Italian dish is complete without garlic!

I hope you enjoy this dish as much as my family does. It’s all the pleasure of a pasta dish without the heavy, bloated feeling of a pasta dish. Bellissimo!


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Strawberries & Cream Forever




1 1/2 cup strawberries

1/2 cup full fat Creme Fraiche

1 tbsp maple syrup

2 orange wedges


  1. Add all ingredients into your blender of choice and blend for15-20 seconds
  2. Pour into popsicle molds and ice tray
  3. Add 3″ straws to the ice tray
  4. Freeze
  5. Voila!

Gorgeous Creme Fraiche, I love you, and I love the French for creating you! The French are a culture full of wonderful, lush indulgences – wine, cheese, butter, cream, meat, frites.  They aren’t overweight; they don’t diet. Out of the 196 countries in the world today, the French are often ranked in the top 10-15 healthiest cultures in the world. They enjoy natural, home cooked meals. They linger over their food – delight in each bite. They are getting it right. Homage.

Creme Fraiche literally means ‘fresh cream’. It’s created by a fermentation process, much like yogurt and sour cream; however, it taste very different. It’s denser, and it has a lovely, nutty tang to its flavor. It’s a wonderful addition to sweet and savory dishes like fruit, vegetable sauces and smoked salmon. The fermentation process promotes the growth of healthy bacteria, known as probiotics. Probiotics, in my opinion, are one of the keys to optimal health because they keep the gastrointestinal tract healthy. Typically, with a healthy GI tract, you will have an immune system primed and ready to go to battle for you. Creme Fraiche is just one of the many healthy probiotic foods we can include in our diet.

I will be posting a recipe for homemade Creme Fraiche soon, so watch this space. Until then, delight in this lovely, refreshing frozen treat!


Number 1 loving her Strawberry Cream cube

Popcicle 1

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