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Portobello Mushroom Pizza



3 Portobello Mushrooms

3 large handfuls of spinach

8 plum tomatoes

Grated feta or cheddar cheese

Olive Oil

Dried Basil, salt & pepper


  1. Preheat oven to 350F, 180C, gas mark 4 and heat olive oil on low heat in skillet
  2. Clean, remove stem and gills from mushrooms. Lightly oil and salt the mushrooms
  3. Put the mushrooms, face down in baking dish, add to oven and cook for 12-15 minutes. You want the mushroom to be soft and a little flat, but not too flat
  4. Finely chop the plum tomatoes and add to the skillet with salt and one pinch of basil. Slow fry the tomatoes until they are soft. You want them to have a caramelized taste and texture. Once the tomatoes are soft, mash them with a wooden spoon. Add oil as needed during this process
  5. Roughly chop the spinach and add to the tomatoes with another two pinches of basil. Wilt spinach – this will take approximately 1-2 minutes
  6. After mushroom has cooked for 12-15 minutes, remove from oven, flip over and add tomato and spinach mixture. Mushroom Pizza_2
  7. Grate cheese on top then put back in the oven for 1-2 minutes or until the cheese has melted

We don’t have much dairy in the house, but when we do have it, we try to use a high quality full fat organic dairy from local farms.

These ingredients are per mushroom, so for each mushroom prepared you will need the same amount of ingredients. If you’re making three mushrooms, triple the ingredients.


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